Laura King
Virtual Assistant & Bookkeeping Services Ltd.

Because you have better things to do.

Laura King VA provide freelance Virtual Assistant services including admin, business support and bookkeeping for small businesses, freelancers, consultants, and individuals.

Our clients outsource necessary but time consuming tasks to us so they can have more free time to focus on running their core businesses and bringing in new clients. With extensive experience in the customer service industry, we are adept at building genuine relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues as well as helping clients reduce stress whilst expanding their businesses. Our clients currently include e-commerce trading, online training providers, financial managers and Instagram entrepreneurs.

About Us

Qualified Customer Service Manager and ICB Certified Bookkeeper.

I became a Virtual Assistant due to my love of all things customer service. I have over 20 years experience in the customer service industry and started as an agent on the phones for a well known card company. I developed into a coach and then management and loved every part of it. During this time I gained a great deal of business knowledge and admin skills. I also get a real joy from supporting small businesses and helping them grow. In 2018 I decided to study accounting and I am now a fully licensed bookkeeper. Now with Laura King VA we offer business admin services across a team of VAs – ensuring there’s always someone available to support you to the high standard we uphold, no matter what industry or sector you operate in!

As a VA we get to work in so many different industries with some amazing clients.

Outsourcing work can be daunting so we can assure you that Laura King VA treats every one of our clients businesses like it was our own. Communication is key for building trust and we pride ourselves on being great communicators.

Our Mission Statement


At Laura King Virtual Assistant & Bookkeeping services our purpose is to help business owners achieve a significantly improved work/life balance by reducing their frustration in dealing with important but time-consuming tasks and avoiding burnout.

Our support allows them to focus on the higher value, high reward tasks that they are best skilled to undertake and increase their overall efficiency as a result.


As our business grows its reputation as a safe pair of hands with expert administrative and bookkeeping skills, we will grow in scale to serve the entire United Kingdom through a network of licensed operators.


  • Emotionally Invest – We will care for your business as if it were our own.
  • Support Your Ambition – We will support you in achieving your business goals.
  • Sounding Board – We will be there for you to share ideas and voice concerns.
  • Integrity – We will provide you with honest feedback and recommendations.


Everyone at Laura King Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping Services is genuinely interested in helping you achieve a successful business without it having to compromise your home life.

You will enjoy our inquisitive nature and appreciate our need to know all we can about your dreams for the business.

When you engage with our team, we will help you to identify clearly where important but time-consuming tasks are stopping you from achieving the efficient growth of your business.

You will become empowered by the time recovered through the support received. This will help you increase your profit and allow you to take your business further than you thought possible.

The relationship that you develop with us will go beyond that of a standard employee and employer. We will be your confidante and support network when you have no one else to confide in, We will share (and care about) your goals, aims, and with our combined capabilities we will deliver outstanding results.

Together we will become a powerful team and achieve great things

Employee vs Virtual Assistant.

What are the benefits?

  • You won’t need to pay employee related taxes, holiday or sick pay

  • There is no need for extra office space and equipment

  • You will only pay for the time a task takes (no paid coffee breaks)

  • Bespoke support is available as and when you need it

  • Specialised skills available


“If you haven’t already, please get yourself a Laura King, we were very much a one man band prior to engaging with Laura and her associates, in next to no time at all I was able to focus on growing our businesses with the peace of mind that the finances/ bookkeeping was left to the professionals. I can’t express enough the freedom and empowerment this resulted in. Whether it be the mundane accounting tasks or the top level strategic perspectives that Laura brings the service is worth its weight in gold….”

—Ben, Property Investor and HMO Management, Birmingham